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EASA Flight Instructor Course Online

Build your flight hours easily by becoming a Certified Pilot Instructor with this course! Teach students how to fly and build hours during their flight training. This course is now offered as a distance learning program with live online lectures for the theoretical part of your training. 
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Start Your EASA Flight Instructor Online Theoretical Course TODAY!

Course Overview

Build your flight hours easily by becoming a Certified Pilot Instructor with this course! Teach students how to fly and build hours during their flight training. This course is now offered as a distance learning program with live online lectures for the theoretical part of your training! 


  • To be at least 18 years old
  • To be a Class 1 Medical holder
  • To be a CPL(A) holder
  • You need to pass a pre-entry evaluation flight with a duration of at least 1 hour, according to EASA Part FCL.

Pre-entry Evaluation

A flight test may be done in an institute in your local area with a certified instructor of your choice and must be submitted to Flying Academy prior to enrollment.

FCL.930.FI FI — Training course (a) Applicants for the FI certificate shall have passed a specific pre-entry flight test with an FI qualified in accordance with FCL.905.FI(i) within the 6 months preceding the start of the course, to assess their ability to undertake the course. This pre-entry flight test shall be based on the proficiency check for class and type ratings as set out in Appendix 9 to this Part.


Stage 1: 
  • Human Behavior and the Learning Process
  • Effective Communication and the Teaching Process
  • Assessment
  • Usage of Flying Academy’s Online Applications, Library, and Training Administration
  • Training Program Development and Student Instructor Lectures
  • Progress Test 
Stage 2: 
  • Student prepares and hosts ground lessons under supervision. 
  • Aeroplane Familiarization, Ground Operations, and Emergency Handling
  • Aeroplane Controls and Systems, Basic Aeroplane Operations and Communication 
  • Traffic Pattern Flying
  • Emergency and Precautionary Landing Procedures 
  • PPL (A) Maneuvers
  • Examination before the First Solo Flight
  • Common Student Errors
  • Instrument Flying 
  • Evaluation upon completion of Ground Stage 2 
Stage 3: 
  • Cross-Country Navigation and Planning 
  • Review Lesson
  • Final Evaluation  

Course Benefit


You will start with all theoretical training from the comfort of your home. Afterward, you shall come to the school to carry out the flight training portion of your course.


Become the best professional pilot you can be with our Flight Instructor online course, and continue your journey in professional piloting with any airline you prefer.


This organization of training will decrease the costs of the training, providing you with high-quality theoretical training following the current trends, while allowing you to save on the living costs.

EASA FI Online Total Hours 125

Live Broadcasting

With Flying Academy’s new approach towards distance learning, we guarantee a unique and efficient way of teaching. You will be in a live interactive class with your appointed instructor, ask questions, quizzes, being in a group environment with other students. With us no, more pre-recorded classes and, boring way of teaching.

Study Materials & Worksheets

Access to study materials, videos and quizzes. Questionnaires will be granted through the LMS system for you to master the concepts and better understand the lectures of followed classroom’s subjects.

Homework Assignments

After each class, you will be assigned homework regarding the subject learned. The more you practice, the more you learn!

Progress Testing

Progress Tests run on your LMS system. Those tests aiming to assess the progress of theoretical knowledge and, they are mandatory with a pass rate of 80% before you can progress to the Stage Check Exams.

The Training Is In Accordance With The EASA Regulations

Our Online FI Training is fully compliant with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) regulations. Our aim is to ensure that you finish the training with the necessary knowledge, ready to tackle the practical flight training, as well as your theoretical exams at your local Authority.

Access To Our e-Learning System During The Course

Our LMS (Learning Management System) platform provides you with all the training materials you will need. There you will find a robust knowledge base of our textbooks, syllabi, courses, videos, handbooks, useful links, tests, and more. Access and study anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why enroll for the FI Course?

  • Our virtual classroom is set up with the latest technological advancements to ensure a prime level of learning.
  • Students can attend lectures, go through the reading materials, complete assignments, and fulfill their theoretical requirements.
  • No geographic restrictions
  • Students can save tremendous time and funds on their overall pilot training!
  • Courses are broadcasted LIVE so that students may voice questions and enable optimum interactivity
  • At the end of each “class”, students have the opportunity to partake in guided discussions to clarify any misunderstandings they might have concerning the lecture.

Where is the Private Pilot Course held?

The Private Pilot Course is held via our virtual e-Learning platform,, in the form of live classroom sessions, as well as an extensive library of interactive study materials.

When are the live classroom sessions held?

The classes are held twice a day so that we can accommodate any time zone, or time preference. Your busy schedule is no obstacle to completing the training.

What if the time frame is not suitable for me?

Have no concern, our classes being held twice a day in a way that no time zone, or a busy working schedule will be an obstacle.

What if I miss a class?

All you need is to send a request for the class you missed and, we will provide you with the recorded class. You will always be on track towards your future pilot training.

What if I would like to attend the class in a normal classroom?

Flying Academy is a worldwide training center with our bases located around the globe in Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic (Prague & Brno). You can attend any of the mentioned bases and have both theoretical and practical training.