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EASA ICAO English Refresh/Basic Online

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The ICAO English Preparation Online course is designed to improve the level of language proficiency and review the areas you may encounter during your ICAO English Language Proficiency Exam. This course also includes a DEMO final exam to prepare you for the official examination.

Course Overview

In order to improve your Aviation English skills and get better results during the examination, Flying Academy is organizing a refresher course which is held for 2 hours.

  • Grammar
  •  General English and communication
  •  Abbreviations, phraseology
  •  Flight Instruments
  •  Aircraft systems
  •  ATIS
  •  Descriptions (planning)
  •  Flight traffic control, manuals
  •  Final exam

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why enroll for the ICAO Refresher Course?

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Where is the ICAO Refresher Course held?

The ICAO refresher course will be conducted through our virtual classrooms.

What if the time frame is not suitable for me?

As the ICAO refresher course is held only for 2-3 hours, the days of classes conducted will be customized personally to fit your schedule.

What if I would like to attend the class in a normal classroom?

If there are no geographical restrictions and you are present at base, you may attend the ICAO refresher course in a physical classroom (in-person).