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ECB-28-01 1 AMP Circuit Brkr

This circuit breaker has no mechanical parts, except for the reset switch. The power switching and control components are completely solid state. It has the added benefit of overvoltage and undervoltage protection. It will turn off if the input voltage goes too high, protecting valuable avionics or other equipment.

These circuit breakers operate differently from conventional circuit breakers in the following ways:

    1. If the circuit breaker "trips", the switch will remain in the up or on position, but a red LED will illuminate indicating the condition.

    2. The electronic circuit breaker is a three-terminal device. In addition to the usual two terminals, a ground reference is required for the electronics to operate and as a reference for the overvoltage and undervoltage protection.

    3. The 28V circuit breakers will shut down with an overvoltage of 33V. The circuit breakers will also shut down with a undervoltage of 10V for the 14V circuit breaker, or 20V for the 28V circuit breaker.

    They are available in 28V versions, with the following current levels: 1A, 2A, 5A, 10A.

NOT FAA APPROVED. For experimental aircraft only.
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