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EI AP 7V Annunciator Vertical Panel W/ Lights

AP-7H Annunciator Panel Kit
When mounted in front of the pilot, the bright red LEDs give a quick warning of any out-of-limit condition without having to scan the instrument panel. The unit must be connected to the following E.I. Instruments: US-8A or SR-8A, FP-5 and/or FL-2, R-1, M-1, and OPT-1. A control switch will dim or turn off the warning LEDs. Simple to install (requires only 8 ea. 1/2" holes to mount). Connect to a small 3" x 2" x 1" Control Box tie wrapped to a wire bundle under the instrument panel. Size: 5.3" x .9", 10 Oz. Kit, Operates on a 12 or 24 volt system.

Includes: Annunciator Panel, Control Box and all wires and connectors.

E.I. products include all documentation and certifications

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