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Electroair Vertical Mount Ignition Panel

The EA-15000 is an approved ignition switch panel to control two magnetos and a starter in a conventional ignition configuration (magneto to magneto). The panel comes in two versions, a horizontal one and a vertical one. This set of ignition switches is approved to replace the outdated and venerable rotary key-switch.

By making this change, a couple of things get accomplished: first, the AD that accompanies most rotary key-switches is eliminated; second, the problem of faulty contacts inside of the key-switch which can cause a hot mag situation, is eliminated; and third, because the operation of the magnetos is returned back to the traditional way aircraft engines are supposed to be operated, pilot operation and aircraft safety are improved. Starting is now as simple as pushing a button. No more fumbling for the keys. The switch panel does require that if the remaining magneto is NOT a starting magneto, the switch for the mag be left in the OFF position for starting. All of this is explained in the AFMS that accompanies the Switch Panel.
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