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EMA Basic Angle OF Attack

For non-flap equipped E.A.B. aircraft only. Not for Certified Aircraft
This Basic low cost AOA in a smaller size" is a self-contained Basic + AOA system for non-flap equipped E.A.B. aircraft . Not for Certified aircraft.

All electronics and display are housed in an enclosure .6 wide, 2.1 tall and 2.7 long. The Display LEDs are per FAA recommendation: Green = Safe; Amber = Caution (below approach speed) & Red = Danger (approaching Critical AOA or STALL)
    System consists of following parts:
  • Display/electronics enclosure completed
  • Set-Box (removed after set-up)
  • Vane Mount assembly: Vane, sensor, mount (wing, Jury strut, Fuse) No maneuver required to set up not done before solo!
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