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Engine Overhaul for Lycomming O-235-L2C (N2C)

The standart Quote includes (Parts and Services in accordance with the Manufacture's Manual):

▪ New / OH Cylinder Kits, including New Pistons, Valves, and Springs.
▪ NDT inspection of all engine components as per Lycoming Overhaul manual Crankshaft + camshaft measurement inspection / overhaul.
▪ New / OH Magneto harness and New massive electrode spark plugs (offer is based for installed OEM magneto, extra chare might be applicable if you have a different magneto / electronics ignition installed),
▪ Overhauled engine driven Fuel Pump (only applicable for certain engine series and included if OEM component is installed).
▪ Overhauled Carburetor. (offer is applicable only for OEM parts)
▪ Review and compliance of all applicable AD's, SB's, SI's and SL's. *
▪ All the mandatory replacement of all parts according to Manufacturer's Instructions.*
▪ Test-run with usage of special equipment.

 Price:  $29,000.00

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List of additional and premium parts: Unit cost Qty/Hrs Amount
Shock Mount kits  $1,050.00 1.00  $1,050.00
All new chock and engine mount hardware. $125.00 1.00 $125.00
Engine hose oil $440.00 2.00 $880.00
Engine hose fuel - carburetor to gascolator $250.00 1.00 $250.00
Oil pressure hose - engine to firewall $180.00 1.00 $180.00
Alternator drive belt $180.00 1.00 $180.00
Vacuum Air Pump $520.00 1.00 $520.00
235 Throttle Cable McFarlane for Cessna $550.00 1.00 $550.00
235 Carbu Cable McFarlane for Cessna $200.00 1.00 $200.00
Mixture Cable McFarlane for Cessna $310.00 1.00 $310.00
Alternator $1550.00 1.00 $1550.00
Starter $1350.00 1.00 $1350.00
Fine wire spark plugs $110.00 8.00 $880.00
Oil filter $46.00 1.00 $46.00
Mineral oil $10.00 8.00 $80.00

It is customers liability to double check eligibility with applicable technical data.
All prices mentioned are prior to any taxation and are in USD without transportation costs.
All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Flying Academy Technics is not responsible for loss or damage of the goods during transportation by third party.
* Supplemental parts of the engine and the accessories that need to be replaced or repaired to be determined after complete inspection of engine and performing Manufacturer's Publications. Please indicate if you want Lycoming genuine parts to be used only and which accessories you want to be installed.
** Please note your engine is preserved to withstand a period of 180 days under favorable conditions after the date of test run performed by the Flying Academy s.r.o. After this period the engine can be re-preserved for another 180 days upon customer request at an additional charge per test run.