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The EPL is made of a high-optic, scratch resistant plastic module. The entire control element is integrated into the ACL module where the ACL's dimensions determine the required space.

The EPL has a brilliant green and red light with modulated beacon impulse for better perception. It has a defined angle of light of 110° in compliance with the regulations of general aviation.

The wingtip lights are prewired to allow easy connection to a 2-lead cable of minimum 0.4 mm² cross section. Flanges allow simple fixture. In addition, it can be affixed to the fuselage or rudders by means of a silicone adhesive. An instructions manual and the shrink tubing required for the assembly are included in the EPL package.

Note: The set contains 2 EPLs for an airplane (NON-TSOd). One each for the right and left wing to be mounted at the wing tips. The illumination angle is equivalent to the required angle of 110 deg. as prescribed for general aviation.

Dimensions: 3X4X5

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