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EZ Nuts 3-1/8

Take the frustration out of mounting instruments with the use of Superior Panel Technologys EZ Nuts.

EZ Nut Advantages
  • Adhesive tape securely holds nut ring in place. No realignment if instrument is later removed.
  • Includes four 1 ½ non-magnetic black oxide stainless steel, pan-head screws. Stronger than brass
  • Includes four black nylon washers to prevent marring of the panel.
  • Aluminum bezel is treated to prevent corrosion.
  • The pressed in stainless steel inserts eliminate the problem of striped threads.
  • Only need to stock two sizes since you simply cut off one corner if only three screws needed.
  • Save labor time when compared to grasshopper nuts.
  • 100 degree countersunk screws available and are sold in packs of eight.

Dimensions: .25X3.375X3.375

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