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Fuel System 2-1/4 24 W/ 3BD

The Skysports fuel monitoring system is a capacitance system which has no float and no moving parts except the needle on the gauge. Used in hundreds of various ultralight, homebuilt, and military aircraft, these fuel systems have been very popular due to their accuracy and durability. The Skysports fuel probe electronically measures the level of fuel in the tank, and sends the signal through the wire harness to the gauge. Available for single or dual tank use and for 12 or 24 volt operation. The system includes the gauge, probe, 8 ft. wire harness, mounting hardware, & instructions.

The SkySports 240-33ohm fuel systems are no longer available. They have been replaced with a new 0-5V system. These new systems, (listed below) can be used on both 12 or 24 volt aircraft. The older 240-33ohm gauge and probes are not interchangeable with the new 0-5V gauge or probes. However the installation of the systems are the same.

Note:The Skysports 240-33ohm older style probes are only available as special order upon request.

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