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Grommet Edging M22529/2-6R

Mil Spec qualified Spring-Fast is the fastest, safest, most reliable way to protect wires, cables, and tubing from abrasion. It locks on with finger pressure in seconds, eliminating solvents, adhesives, ancillary materials and volatile organic compound (VOCs). Installs continuously and is very flexible for use on straight edges and sharp inside and outside corners.

Spring-Fast® Composite Grommet Edging covers sharp edges of panels that come in contact with wite and cables and mechanically lock on indefinitely with finger pressure in only seconds per foot. They provide a significant time reduction in assemblies. A long-term reliability solution that replaces nylon caterpillar plastic grommets and associated solvents, adhesives, and ancillary materials to protect critical equipment from failure due to wire chaffing.

Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging is approved by the FAA and U.S. Department of Defense per NASM 22529/a and NASM 22529/2 for all aircraft applications. Meets FAR 25.853 for flammability and MIL 1344 for shock and vibration. Spring-Fast® is available for 8 different sheet thickness ranges from 0.025 to 0.260 and can be purchased in either 10 piece packs of 12.75" long pieces, or by the foot. Use Spring-Fast® BAP and SL series for flanged lightning hole and three-axis contours. The BAP Series Flexi-Grommet is perfect for roll formed edges and small lightening holes. Where wires are routed in the same plain as the sheet metal, the Spring-Fast® SL Series provides a trim characteristic for all edges with or without cabling nearby.

Spring-Fast® is used in a wide variety of aviation and aerospace applications:
Lightening Holes
Wing Sections
Air Traffic Control
Racks Tail Sections
Tactical Satellite Emulators
Navigation Systems
Electrical Power Centers
Ground Control
EAU (Electrical Avionic Units)
PSU (Personal Safety Units)
APU (Auxiliary Power Units)
IFE (In-Flight Entertainment)
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