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Hangarbot Expansion Security Camera

Why do I need this?
Have your eyes on your aircraft at all times! Paired with your Hub Base Station, your LynkGuard camera is the waterproof security upgrade your hangar has been waiting for. From indoor to outdoor use, this camera can monitor exterior activity during automated door opening and closing, provide additional internal hangar viewpoints, and general security monitoring.

View 24/7 live stream coverage of your hangar on your smartphone with our HangarBot Mobile App.

Mount your camera anywhere in your hangar and have a full view of whats going on inside at all times! No holes required for easy mounting.

Perfect for pilots that share, rent, or own a hangar.

How are we different?
Designed by a pilot for pilots, with HangarBots LynkGuard Smart Security Camera, you can now manage and monitor your flying experience in ways not previously possible with 1 simple app.
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