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Hartzell Plane Power Alternator Only 10-1050C

Note: Plane-Power alternator only products do not include the required mounting hardware. First time installers must purchase Plane-Power alternator kit.

An alternative to high-priced, marginally-performing, rebuilt used replacement aircraft alternators.

Plane-Power alternators are the product of years of research, development and intensive testing. Each component has been engineered, developed, tested and re-tested exclusively for use in general aviation aircraft. As a result of these efforts, Plane Power alternators offer significant improvements over legacy aircraft alternator offerings including:
    Generate substantially higher power at lower engine RPMs
    Generate significantly less heat while producing rated power
    Generate rated power at typical aircraft cruise RPMS
    Vastly improved balancing drastically reduces bracket failure
    Greater reliability for significantly increased service life
    Weigh up to four pounds less
Plane-Power alternators are FAA PMA certified to replace the vast majority of popular general aviation alternators. Plane-Power also manufactures an alternator kit for experimental aircraft applications that comes complete with required brackets, spacers, internal cooling, voltage regulation (choice of internal or external), and over-voltage protection. Plane-Power alternators are warrantied for 2-years against component failures.

Dimensions: 7X8X12

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