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Insight Windicator Front Mount

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Today's modern avionics integrate many functions with your GPS, but standard installations leave many important features untapped. The TAS 1000 Multi-Function Data Source was specifically designed to supply all the information needed to fill in the missing pieces of your GPS or MFD display in real-time. TAS 1000 provides the pilot with a wealth of useful information all based on real time measurements of airspeed, altitude, temperature, fuel flow, heading, ground speed and track. Designed to interface with many brands of GPS, TAS 1000 unlock many previously hidden data pages in most GPS navigators, In addition to TAS 1000s in flight advisory function, TAS 1000 can also serve as a backup altimeter, airspeed indicator or fuel flow meter. The TAS 1000 is designed for use in any piston, turboprop, or jet aircraft and provides a full compliment of features when interfaced to a slaved compass system or HSI, fuel transducers, and compatible GPS system. TAS 1000 will deliver a useful subset of features even if all the interfaces are not available.

The Windicator is an integral part of the TAS1000 system. It presents a previously unavailable graphical display of the winds aloft in real time. The Windicator information alone is so useful that it makes the TAS 1000 installation worthwhile. TAS 1000 system options include an altitude encoder to provide altitude information to a transponder or GPS unit as well as alerting the pilot with overspeed, altitude, approach & altitude difference alerts.
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