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Instr Mntg NUT A8941-632-493

Cage type. Permit mounting of aircraft instruments from the front of the panel. No charge in panel or instrument design required. Non-magnetic (speed nut is brass; cage is phosphor bronze). Conform to MIL-N-3336. Cage is easily compressed with finger-pressure to allow insertion of legs into clearance holes. When fully inserted and pressure is released, legs spring apart; retain SPEED NUT in screw-receiving position. Turned down corners hold firm against force of in sert ing screw and screw-tightening torque. All instrument mounting nuts listed below take a 6-32 machine screw.

Additional Info: the thread size is the same on each nut, but the instrument bezel thickness can be different per gauge. They are ordered by the back bezel thickness. They are inserted from the back, and they have ears pointing out that slide into a groove between the front and back bezel to stay in place.
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