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JPI 3.25 EDM 350 4 CYL Full Package

If all you want is EGT/CHT then the basic kits gives you everything you could want in a compact size with full customization features and the legendary JPI quality and accuracy. The Engine Data Management 350 system is the most cost effective, reliable piston engine experimental EDM instrument on the market. The basic kit includes:
  • EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • CHT - Cylinder Head Temperature
  • Included - Probes and Harness
  • VDC - Voltage
  • CLD - Shock Cooling on "All" Cylinders
  • ROP/LOP - Lean Find
  • DIFF - Engine Health
  • USB - Data Port built in
  • Data Record - 600 Hrs. at every 6 sec
  • EZTrends - Graphing software, including Google Earth Location
The compact Engine Data Management 350 system (3.5″ square) is the most advanced and accurate piston experimental engine-monitoring instrument on the market. The EDM 350 is not just another black box along for the ride. It is a Flight Engineer, Maintenance Manager, and Backup Instrument. For the price there is nothing that gets close to it. Customize with 17 options, including FF. You can think of the EDM 350 as your personal flight engineer. Its always there, working in the background, constantly watching over your engine while you concentrate on flying the aircraft. You can make an entire flight without ever pushing a button, if you so choose. Yet your EDM will be monitoring your engine parameters three times a second and will warn you instantly if any parameter exceeds the programmed limit.

Optional fuel pressure functionality available. If selected, order form must be completed that is available under "Documents".

Difference between the Basic/ Full Package:
  • Full comes with the P5- has the capability of AMPS1, fuel pressure, fuel level/tanks, and volt2.
  • Basic package doesn't have any of the above options

Dimensions: 6X6X10

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