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JPI EDM 730 6C CHT Bayonet Probes

The EDM-730/830 revolutionizes engine monitoring by the integration of brilliant full color graphical LCD display with the extremely popular EDM 700/800 series functionally and yet reduces the package size to the smallest on the market! The EDM-730 packs more features, functionality, and information onto its large full color screen than any other monitor available and features larger characters for easier reading. Oil pressure has also been added to the entire EDM series line. Mounting is a breeze due to its standard 3-4/8" format, and because it can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation, thus accommodating virtually any panel configuration. Depth behind the panel is an amazing 2-1/2". The unit is "Plug and Play" compatible with existing EDM-700/800 units.

Bayonet & Adapter: This option includes 3 bayonet probes and 1 adapter allowing existing CHT probe to gauge to receive data so both the existing CHT gauge and the EDM 730 can display the CHT info at the same time.

Full Color LCD Display:
  • More Graphics
  • Large digits for easy reading.
  • Full color parameter range markings.
  • Annunciation of exceedances.
  • More information without "page swapping"
  • FAA STC/TSO approved.

Package Form Factor:
  • Standard 3-1/8" Mounting from the front.
  • Face is offset from center to better fit in spaces where other equipment is currently located.
  • Can be mounted in four different face orientations to satisfy tough mounting scenarios.
  • Depth is nearly the same as the height of a business card, 2.5".
  • Plug and play compatible with the JPI EDM-700/800 harnesses for easy upgrade.
  • Front mounted USB jack for easy software upgrades and data downloads.

Dimensions: 6X8X10

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