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LP Windshield W/Inst 965GT

Fly Cooler, Healthier and Smarter with UV-SG and UV-GT tint windshields and windows from LP Aero Plastics

Say so long to sun damage. Blocking the sun's damaging rays benefits you, your passengers and your aircraft. With far less UV and IR radiation entering the cabin, occupants are less likely to suffer sun-related skin and eye damage - and they'll enjoy cooler cabin temperatures to boot. UV-SG Solar Gray and UV-GT Green tints can reduce interior temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. While you and your passengers bask in greater comfort, you'll also reduce the workload on the air conditioning systems. UV and IR radiation can also wreak havoc on avionics and interior components, such as plastic panels and seat materials. That damage is significantly reduced with the UV-SG and UV-GT tints.

Replacement glass for over 350 different aircraft models from the oldest to the latest production - both domestic and foreign. Each can be confirmed with serial and model number, year of manufacture, thickness of material and cross-referenced with OEM . Manufactured of high optic quality acrylics. Available in clear, green and solar gray tints. For ease of installation, they are trimmed to OEM specifications with instructions furnished. Our manufacturers quality control systems are approved by both the FAA and the Department of Defense. To assure quick delivery at minimum cost, orders are shipped directly from our manufacturers warehouse in Pennsylvania. Extensive inventory on hand makes shipment possible in 24 hours in most cases. Generally speaking, one-piece windshields require shipment by motor freight, two-piece windshields can be shipped by United Parcel Service. Windshields requiring motor freight shipment on the following list are marked with an asterisk. Attractive air freight rates. All windshields/windows are special order, they are non-cancelable and non-returnable. Only a few models are listed below. Advise complete aircraft model and serial number, then leave the rest to us!

CESSNA 150/152/172/177/182/210 WINDOWS
We sell replacement windows for Cessna single and twin engine aircraft as well as all windshields and windows manufactured by LP Aero Plastics. Call or email us for quotation and specify year, serial number of aircraft and windows required.


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