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Magneto Filter Faa/Pma Apprvd

Lone Star Aviations Magneto filter (FEED THRU) (Fail Safe Design) attenuates both low and high frequencies of noise generated from bendix magneto ignition systems. The firing of the aircraft spark plugs through the ignition systems harness can cause noise problems and interference to aircraft electronics such as audio panels, radio equipment, navigation equipment, instrumentation, and autopilot systems on board an aircraft. This filter has been used by avionics shops, OEM aircraft manufacturers, and FBOs, to attenuate and suppress pulsating noise generated by their aircrafts magneto systems. The magneto filter is FAA-PMA approved and is compatible with the bendix series S20, S21, S200, D3000, D4000 magneto.

Dimensions: 1.5X1.5X4.25

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