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Master Caution Master Warning Switch 12/14V

The AH501 is combined Master Warning and Master Caution annunciator and combined with a high quality snap action alert acknowledgement switch. The AH501 allows the pilot to quickly recognize, acknowledge and mute new alerts and is ideally positioned directly in front of the pilot, just below the coaming for bringing alerts to your attention while keeping your head up.

The unit can be wired as a remote Master Caution and Master Warning Annunciator for common EFIS systems such as the Garmin G3X and Dynon. When combined with the Aero Safety Systems AH500 or AH502SD Central Warning Panel annunciators, it functions as a consolidating Master Caution/ Master Warning indicator and new alert acknowledge/voice mute switch as well as providing automatic dimming for night operation.

The unit measures 0.88in (22.2mm) square and has a panel depth of 2.4in (61mm) as detailed in the attached specification sheet. Captions are direct sunlight-readable, and supplied in both positive text (black text on illuminated background) and negative text (illuminated legend text on black).

The LEDs are high brightness and can be wired to PWM dimming, constant current or directly to 14V or 28V power with built in current limiting. The snap action momentary switch has double pole double throw connections. * These require special fit captions and logic. For details, Email: or call for pricing.

Dimensions: 5X7X7

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