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Mcfarlane FSO-KT-16 Repair KIT Fuel Valve

All fuel valves require special processes to ensure a properly sealed valve after an repair. McFarlane has perfected these processes through extensive experience repairing fuel valves. All valves also require pressure test equipment to verify that the valves do not leak in any position before reinstalling in the aircraft. McFarlane is set up to efficiently and effectively do all of this. Repaired fuel valves are cleaned, inspected and assembled with all new seals, gaskets, hardware and parts as required. Each valve is repaired by our experienced A&P technicians and pressure tested for leaks and evaluated for proper fuel flow. You will receive a "Return to Service" tag to certify the repair.

If we have a core in stock, you can purchase an repaired valve for a price that includes a core charge, and then send us your core back for a partial refund. Alternatively, you can send us your valve and we will repair it and send you back the same valve. Note: To qualify for a core charge refund, the major components of the core you return must be in a serviceable condition. For more information, go to Repaired Fuel Selector Valves.
Original price $125.01 - Original price $125.01
Original price
$125.01 - $125.01
Current price $125.01
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