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Natural Boost Oxygen Medium Case OF 12

Boost Oxygen is a convenient, lightweight, and portable 95% pure Aviators Breathing Oxygen. Perfect for hikers, athletes, and GA pilots flying at high altitude (but still below 12,000 feet), Boost can help you out on your next trip.

Instructions for use:
  • Place mask under the nose and over the mouth.
  • Press trigger down to activate flow.
  • Breathe deeply through the mouth.
    Case Quantities:
  • Pocket Size: Case of 12 Units
  • Medium: Case of 12 Units
  • Large: Case of 12 Units
  • Original price $129.21 - Original price $129.21
    Original price
    $129.21 - $129.21
    Current price $129.21

    Hazardous material

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