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O-Rings AN6227B-25 MS28775-220

O-rings give effective sealing over wide ranges of pressure, temperature, and movement, with the advantage of sealing pressure in both directions and reducing friction and wear on moving parts. The use of O-rings as gaskets or static seals permits metal-to-metal contact and allows almost unlimited pressures under extreme vibration.

All O-rings should be lubricated before installation and constant lubrication should be provided for running seals to avoid excessive wear. Avoid sharp edges, threads, and cross-drilled ports over or through which rings must be installed. AN6227B and AN6230B O-rings are manufactured to Spec. MIL-P 25732 for use in hydraulic systems using MIL-0-5606 hydraulic oils. MS28775 O-rings meet Spec. MIL-P- 5510A and are suitable for MIL-0-5606 hydraulic fluid at 160 F.
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