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P Flow Exhaust Cessna 177RG IO360 Short Stack Polished

Complete replacement of your exhaust system.

Make your Cessna 177 Cardinal a faster, higher flying bird. Similar technology has been used in race cars and motorcycles for years, now it is available for your airplane. By effectively emptying the cylinders, our tuned exhaust system is capable of increasing your airspeed by 7kts (constant speed). Watch your VSI as it increases by 125-300 fpm.

The Power Flow is a versatile, quality constructed, complete replacement of your entire exhaust system. You are in control. For more speed, push the throttle forward and feel the extra power. For fuel savings, throttle back and fly your pre Power Flow airspeeds. The entire system is constructed from stainless steel and includes minimal structural welds in the cabin heat section for improved safety.

All necessary parts are included for easy installation on your Cessna 177 Cardinal. Customers report an average install time of between 4-7 hours.
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