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PCU5000 Prop Governor ATA210760L

The PCU5000 is lightweight, compact & pumps 30 - 35% more oil which maintains a perfect constant-speed. Required Order Form

Compact / Weighs 2 lbs. less than most conventional governors
New units at a lower cost
Easy installation - hardware included
TBO - same as your engine
3 year limited warranty
4 year extended warranty available

PCU5000 - FAA-PMA Approved

    For single engine Cessna, Beechcraft /Raytheon, Remis, Mooney and Piper aircraft.
Certified models fit all
    Lycoming, Continental and *Rotax engines
    *(applicable if mounting pad conforms to AND20010)
PCU5000X - Experimental
    The PCU5000X is specially engineered for single engine experimental aircraft and can be customized to a specific application.
Experimental models fit all
    Lycoming, Continental, Superior Air Parts,
    Engine Components and *Rotax engines
    *(applicable if mounting pad conforms to AND20010)

Dimensions: 8X8X8

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