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Powervamp PS50M Base Unit 13FT Piper Connector Output + SB50 Unterminated Input

Developed in collaboration with Powervamp, the PS50 is a solid state hand-portable combined charger/power supply delivering a maximum of 50A at pre-set voltages of 28V DC for avionics use or 31.5V DC for the rapid re-charging of Powervamps unique 28V DC Coolspool portable aircraft start units. Voltage selection is by front-mounted switch.

The PS50 can be connected directly to the aircrafts external ground power receptacle or to any of Powervamps portable battery start units* and is primarily for operators of small to medium helicopters, VLJs and DC business jets to citation size requiring a source of clean stable DC power for software updates.

The front-mounted quick-disconnect output connector enables this unit to be used as a free-standing portable bench-mounted power supply when used with optional lead sets or alligator clips.

Using optional connector sets, the PS50 can operate in parallel with compatible Powervamp portable start units, delivering continuous power up to its maximum output. Much higher short term power is then delivered on demand direct from the aircraft start unit.

Automatic input voltage selection 90264V AC/4763Hz allows international use. A solid state voltmeter displays the output voltage with coloured LEDs indicating output voltage selection. Supplied with NATO lead set, input lead and heavy-duty canvas protective jacket and cable bag.
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