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Pre-Buy: Guide FOR Amateur-Built Aircraft

With over 41 years in aviation, Vic Syracuse is a nationally-recognized expert in pre-buy and DAR services for amateur-built aircraft, especially on the Vans RV series. He has traveled over almost the entire United States, either in his RV-10 or by commercial airlines, and often receives requests for international travel for pre-buy and DAR services. All too many times during a pre-buy inspection Vic has heard the seller comment I wish I knew of you when I bought the airplane. So, after having inspected over a thousand amateur-built aircraft, Vic felt he now had enough data and pictures to share with the aviation community so that everyone could potentially accomplish a high-quality pre-buy inspection without his involvement. With close to twenty thousand amateur-built aircraft on the US National Aircraft Registry, the number of aircraft changing hands is rapidly increasing on a weekly basis. Those that have already purchased or have built an amateur-built aircraft will find this book extremely informative and useful when it comes to identifying any potential maintenance or construction issues. It is spiral bound, on 80 lb paper, 109 pages, with over 280 color pictures

Dimensions: .25X8.5X11.75

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