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Qref GNS 530 430 Single Card

Book vs. Card
Now you've got a choice. Our quick reference books feature easy-to-use tabbed pages for concise procedures and navigation help in a compact size, prefect for someone who wants complete information or is new to a system. Our new cards provide all the essential information in a 5" x 8" full-color, hard plastic card for those who are already familiar with their system. Either way, Qref keeps you in the know, quickly and easily.

Expert tips, helpful procedure
Qref Quick Reference checklists are the first and only procedure checklist dedicated to helping you get the most from your avionics. Our team of experts provide detailed, how-to steps for nearly every feature, and our thoughtful design guides you through each screen, menu, and step. Crushproof Binding Qref checklists are spiral bound at the top for security and easy, smooth page turning. Unlike metal binding, our spiral binding will not crush or let pages slip out.

The Perfect Size
At 4.5" (114mm) wide and 8" (203mm) tall, Qref checklists are the perfect size for your kneeboard, yoke clip, or gear bag. The large type was designed for maximum readability and clarity while fitting everything you need into a compact checklist.

Tabbed Sections
Information is organized into standardized sections, and each section is tabbed in sturdy 1/4" (60mm) side tabs, making it easy to navigate to the exact procedure you're after.

Indestructible Laminate
A industrial-grade 5mil matte laminate protects the front, back, and tabs. Inside pages are laminated with a 1.7mil matte finish that reduces glare and improves readability.

Table of Contents and Index
The full table of contents inside, and handy index on the back cover, get you to the most commonly used procedures quickly.

"You Are Here"
A unique feature is a special section that intelligently displays all possible screens and how to navigate through them. Never get lost inside your GPS again!

Unit Overview
See at-a-glance which button does what and discover hidden short cuts and features.

Dimensions: .25X4.75X8.25

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