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Radiorax RK3000 KIT

Radiorax provides flexibility & ease of installation for panel mount avionics. The radiorax system consists of anodized slotted rails, stainless nuts, structural strength tray screws that are four times stronger than conventional screws used in aviation, and a stainless capture system that holds each nut where it is needed during assembly. The installer is able to position the nuts in the slot exactly where they are required to install each tray. Once installed, the trays can be easily moved until the screws are fully tightened. Additional nuts can be stored in the slots for future avionics additions. Radiorax has been successfully field approved with STC approval for wide variety of aircraft pending.

After installing Radiorax, installation and alignment of avionics components becomes simple and precise


Great Strength - Radiorax is so strong that the 'back strapping' is completely eliminated.

Ease of Alignment- Once the first tray is attached to the unique Radiorax slotted rail system and leveled, each subsequent tray is simply slid into position and tightened. Easy Change and Modification - Adding additional avionics, or changing an existing unit is accomplished by merely loosening the screws in the existing trays and re-configuring the stack to the desired new position.
Cost Effective- The modest cost of the Radiorax system is easily returned in future installation savings.

Enhanced Quality - Comparison of the Radiorax system with the existing system of avionics mounting quickly reveals substantial quality improvement that Radiorax brings to your aircraft.

Owner Satisfaction - Knowing you have the finest, safest avionics mounting system available will certainly add to the pride and satisfaction you enjoy with your personal aircraft.

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