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Rotax 810-592 OIL Pump Housing

- Items not illustrated
  • a   thread 3/4-16 UNF for oil filter 3 mm extended.
  • b   with optimized spring routing
  • c   see SI 912-020/914-022
  • d   for oil pressure sensor part no. 456-180

Explanations of symbols and statements in charts:
  • N = Newly introduced
  • s.v. = Still valid. Part was replaced by compatible component and can not be supplied any longer by the producer. Existing stock may be used.
  • AR = As required. This generally refers to shims, hose, wires, and cable. Measure the amount you need before ordering. Many times there will be multiple listings of different lengths with the same . Use individual part descriptions to determine the proper length needed.
  • n.a or NLA = No longer available, no replacement from Rotax. Part is no longer available due to incompatibility to current production or unavailability of part.
  • CALL = Please call for price, 800-247-9653
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