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Rotax 876-512 Insertion JIG

- Items not illustrated
  • a   for cylinder
  • b   for cylinder exhaust-flange.
  • c   for rotary valve shaft.
  • d   for ball bearing, rotary valve shaft.
  • e   for oil seal rotary valve shaft (without oil pump), intake-side.
  • f    for oil seal rotary valve shaft (with oil pump), intake-side.
  • g   for inner oil seal rotary valve shaft, waterpump side.
  • h   for outer oil seal rotary valve shaft, waterpump side.
  • i    to press in the rotary seal.
  • j    for rotary valve timing.
  • k   to pull out the rotary seal- the inner steel bushing of the rotary seal has to be removed
         before demounting!
  • l    for fitting of piston pin circlip.
  • m  for fitting of piston pin circlip. (monohook-circlip).
  • n   for engine 582 UL DCDI mod.90.
  • o   for engine and rave.
  • p   from engine S/N 5.305.901
  • q   to press in the rotary seal 850942 (page 8.2-4) with the insertion jig (16)
  • r    only for rotary seal (618 UL)
  • s   for included parts see 9.3.1
  • t    for carburetor 36 mm
  • u   23 (gasket set) + spark plug caps, carburetor sockets, clamp 62, clamp 53, crankshaft, pistons,
         spark plugs

Explanations of symbols and statements in charts:
  • N = Newly introduced
  • s.v. = Still valid. Part was replaced by compatible component and can not be supplied any longer by the producer. Existing stock may be used.
  • AR = As required. This generally refers to shims, hose, wires, and cable. Measure the amount you need before ordering. Many times there will be multiple listings of different lengths with the same . Use individual part descriptions to determine the proper length needed.
  • n.a or NLA = No longer available, no replacement from Rotax. Part is no longer available due to incompatibility to current production or unavailability of part.
  • CALL = Please call for price, 800-247-9653
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