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Single Color Maplight B1211


Multi-Color Aircraft LED Maplighting.

For Experimental, Amateur-Built aircraft only.


The body of the maplight is constructed of aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum and black anodize treated for protection from corrosion. The LED bulbs and internal components are high quality components, and are engineered to withstand 150% of their rated voltage without damage. The wire is tefzel coated mil-spec wire used in certified aircraft and the component potting material is a two part epoxy making this maplight highly vibration and shock resistant. The average bulb life of the LED used in this product in excess of 20,000 hours of use and the maplight draws only 20 milliamps of power with virtually no heat produced. The Maplight 6 series is available either with all six LEDs of your color choice operating simultaneously, or three white LEDs and three LEDs of your color choice operating independently of the other color. The Maplight 6 series is compatible with all dimming systems.

Dimensions: 1X1X3

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