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SIX Pack Aero Legacy XL Stationary Panel - Garmin Layout

The Legacy XL Panel Kit by Six Pack Aero is the first and only STCd replacement stationary panel built with future upgradability in mind.

The heart of this system is the new stationary panel, which replaces the OEM structural stationary panel. With a slight redesign over the original Cessna stationary panels, enough volume is added to allow for the installation of a standard six pack instrument configuration or a 10 PFD display above the control yoke, along with a larger than standard center radio stack, and enough room for a MFD or panel mounted iPad on the right side.

The STC includes five separate modular cover panels, available in three standard STC/PMA approved options. The cover panels are included as part of the kit.

Each layout contains five panels configured for a variety of avionics installations:
  • Pilot side panel configured for standard instruments or the PFD of your choice
  • Center radio stack panel
  • Co-Pilot side panel configured for an MFD
  • Lower Control Panel features your circuit breakers, switches, and familiar locations for all your stand controls such as throttle, mixture, carb heat, cabin controls, etc.
  • Lower right side Map Box panel can be configured as a blank aux panel or can be outfitted with a door for our optional Map Box
Legacy Layout:
The Legacy Layout features your standard T configuration, otherwise known as your pilots six pack. The pilot side panel is configured for six standard gauges, with room for 4 additional 3-1/8 gauges and up to 3 additional 2-1/4 gauges. The co-pilot side panel features the stock flap gauge, and a standard radio stack open is available for the center. Contact Six Pack Aero about options to customize this cover panel layout.

Garmin Layout:
The Garmin Layout is formatted to accommodate a 10 Garmin G3X Touch on the pilots side, an accompanying Garmin G5 standby instrument, and a 7 vertical Garmin G3X on the co-pilots side. The center radio stack comes with a stand opening. Contact Six Pack Aero about options to customize this cover panel layout.

Dynon Layout:
The Dynon Layout is formatted to accommodate a 10 Dynon Skyview display with the accompanying D-10A standby instrument. The co-pilot panel is formatted to hold a 7 Skyview display. The center radio stack is formatted for three Dynon knob and button panels, and a GPS navigator and/or nav/comm radio. Contact Six Pack Aero about options to customize this cover panel layout.

Dimensions: 4X24X48

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