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Sky-Tec Starter Keystrt C12ST2

For Continental A75-12 through O-300-C Engines - Now featuring internal, self-resetting Kickback Protection System - zero maintenance - no pin to shear.
Sky-Tec Flyweight Starters for small Continental aircraft engines. 6-8 lbs. lighter and significantly more reliable than the original, heavyweight factory starter.

Also replaces/eliminates the continuous running clutch gear. Unit features a dowel-like nose allowing installation in factory key-start engines without requiring removal of the needle bearing in the engine. Model: C12ST2 Weight: 9.2 lbs.

Dimensions: 8.25X6.25X12

Original price $1,575.72 - Original price $1,575.72
Original price
$1,575.72 - $1,575.72
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