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Solid Alum Rivet MS20426A5-16

Note: quantities must be entered in decimal format. (i.e. 0.25 for 1/4, 0.50 for 1/2, etc). Minimum Purchase 1/8 lb. (qty .13).

"A" rivets are "soft". They are fabricated from 1100-grade aluminum and have a tensile strength of 16,000 PSI. "AD" rivets are fabricated from 2117 aluminum and heat treated to the T4 condition. They have a shear strength of 26,000 PSI and a tensile strength of 38,000 PSI. Prices below are for 1lb. quantities. All rivets can be purchased in 1/4 lb. (use qty .25) and 1/8 lb. (use qty .13) packages. AN470 (MS20470) AN426 (MS20426).

AN426 are 100° rivets.

10% Discount for 5 lbs of rivets or more (per PN).
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