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Soundex Basic C150

SoundEx™ is a premium aircraft soundproofing / insulation that incorporates excellent vibration damping and noise absorption properties. SoundEx™ is a superior product compared to other products on the market because of it's thermal qualities, adds less weight to aircraft (6.11oz. per sq. ft. for 1" thickness and 5.8 oz. per sq. ft. for 3/4" thickness), and affordability. Stop the yelling and make flying fatigue a thing of the past. Improve your quality of flight with SoundEx™.

Decibel Reduction Data
Decibel reductions will vary depending upon how well your aircraft is currently insulated. Our latest data indicate that you should expect noise level reduction from 4-7 dB(a) and 10-15 dB(c). From singles and light twins to corporate jets, SoundEx™ is the noise reduction option of choice. Pilots and passengers can fly and communicate in comfort.

Flammability Requirements
All materials are manufactured to meet requirements for FAR 23:856 / FAR 25:856 Part II. Aircraft specific testing may be required for return to service.

*Ensure you order the correct Bonanza package by checking the following modifications:
  • Bonanza 35-E35 with tiny 3rd window modification, order package for F35-M35.
  • Bonanza 35-M35 (or A33-B33) with large third window and hat shelf
  • modification, order package for N35-P35.
  • Bonanza 35-P35 (or A33-E33) with large third window and expanded baggage modification, order package for S35-V35B.
  • *Beechcraft 33/35/36 without Factory Speedslope
  • **Beechcraft 33/35/36 with Factory Speedslope

Dimensions: 13X29X37

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