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Stabilizer Jack Screw Actuator

This is a FAA-PMA/STC Stabilizer Jack Screw Actuator Kit for Cessna models 180, 180A-K, 182, 182A-C, 185, 185A-E, and A185E-F aircraft. Directly replaces the original Cessna assembly.

The original low-grade steel components have been replaced with duplex stainless steel for extreme corrosion resistance even in a harsh saltwater environment. This high strength stainless steel was developed by the British for under-sea concrete reinforcing. Saltwater does not have any effect on this steel. Precision bearings are used with precision machining to reduce free play, while using extra-low temperature grease for easy turning in low temperatures. For improved strength and reliability, McFarlane redesigned the sprocket and retaining collar to allow for the use of a 5/32" roll pin for attachment, as opposed to the 3/32" roll pins originally used. This more than doubles the strength of the design. Bushings and a stainless steel chain with connectors are included.

Dimensions: 1.25X4.5X5

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