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Stmp Piper RIB U1213-00

Formed out of one piece of .032 5052-H34 aluminum, thus eliminating the many individual braces and cap strips, and the multitude of rivets found in the Piper ribs. This one-piece construction provides a stronger, more durable and less expensive rib. Due to the nature of our rib construction, pop rivets may be used for fabric attachment. Pop rivets provide for a stronger and faster means of fabric attachment. Conventional rib stitching or Martin wire may also be used. Designed to be direct replacements and may be used in conjunction with the original Piper ribs. When required, ribs will include the necessary cable fairlead holes, gas tank cover flanges, needed for a proper installation. This means that the butt ribs are designed as butt ribs, not as generic full ribs requiring modification. Flap bay ribs are designed differently from aileron bay ribs, and so on. Also approved to be separated into three pieces and reassembled to replace a damaged rib at any station along the wing, thus eliminating the need to take the ribs off of the spars to reach the damaged rib.

Dimensions: 7X10X67

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