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Such MEN AS These

By: John C. Swick

This is the history of the Stinson 108 series airplane (the Voyager), although the 105, 10 and 10A, as well as the L-5, are also covered in great detail. It begins in Volume 1 with the three-place 105 in 1938 and concludes in Volume 2 with the sale of the last Stinson 108-3 from Willow Run in 1950. Production figures, the disposal of surplus military aircraft, the all-Piper Apache and the chronicle of two Stinson dealers are included to give the reader a better sense of the era.

Volume 2 includes: Piper-Stinson; production history; selected profiles; production change points and color specs; dealer listing; vintage ads and articles; over 150 b&w photos, tables, illustrations & technical drawings with bibliography; and index.

Softbound, 8.5 x 11, 172 pages

Dimensions: 2X6X9

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