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Superior Millennium SL32006N-A21P Cylinder Complete Assembly

Complete New Millennium Cylinder Assemblies contain the following new parts: head, barrel, valves, valve seats, valve guides, piston, rings, gasket kit, seals, springs, rotocoils, and rocker shafts. The cylinders will not include piston pins or rocker arms.

#1 Aftermarket Cylinder in the World!

With well over 100,000 currently in service around the world and millions of flight hours behind them, Superiors Millennium Cylinders® are without question, the most popular FAA-approved, PMA aftermarket cylinders in all of general aviation.

But Superior is not just the worlds #1 dedicated cylinder supplier we are also the leader in cylinder design and performance innovation.

Each Millennium Cylinder is an engineering and manufacturing masterpiece. From its advanced computer generated head fin configuration, to its 3-D port contour and increased wall thickness, to its advanced aluminum alloy heads and through hardened AMS 6382 steel barrel, Millennium Cylinders deliver performance and quality benefits far surpassing anything else in the air.

Looks great. Performs better.

Put any Millennium Cylinder side-by-side with any other OEM or aftermarket cylinder and the difference in quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail is strikingly obvious.

And while it looks really great, it performs even better. Millennium Cylinders resist cracking, run cooler, last longer and generally out perform the standard cylinders available from Lycoming, Continental or any other aftermarket supplier.

Were so confident in the Millennium Cylinders performance that its covered by a full 25-month/TBO* (whichever comes first) warranty. Its one of the best in the business.

Dimensions: 11X13X21

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