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Swift 3-1/8 ASI 0-260 MPH / KPH / KTS

Patent product, Integrates the highly reliable MEMS sensor Precise, Durable, Accurate (reading), free from frequent regular calibration
  • Launched a unit (MPH/KPH/KNOTS) switchable airspeed indicator, in order to simplify manufacturing specification and stocking range;
  • Accurate reading within low airspeed range, evenly allocated scale on the rest of the scale;
  • Zero adjustable: just one button, the zero error introduced by weather and dynamic-static system pressure difference can be eliminated ;
  • Error correctable: the airspeed adjustment function can eliminate errors introduced by the location, aging or limited efficiency of pilot tube. The adjustment is within ± 30% of the reading, from 0.7 to 1.3. The errors from airspeed system of plane are then removed. Apart from airspeed scale, the scale for correction coefficient can be found on the dial, at the bottom edge.

Dimensions: 4X4X7

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