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TE P&B Circuit Breaker W23-X1A1G-25

These bi-metallic single pole breakers weigh less than 2 oz. and are especially suitable for homebuilt aircraft. Used as original equipment in Beech, Cessna and Piper aircraft. Maximum operating voltages: 32 VDC and 250 VAC (to 400 Hz).

Push/Pull Actuator Thermal Circuit Breaker
    0.5 amp to 50 amp ratings may be used as on/off switch
    Cannot be reset against overload
    W23 has visible trip indicator
    Screw termination
    Trip-free operation

Dimensions: .625X1.375X3

Original price $40.50 - Original price $40.50
Original price
$40.50 - $40.50
Current price $40.50

Hazardous material

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