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Trans-Cal ALT Encoder 30K SSD120-30N-RS232 MOD 1

The world's smallest and lightest altitude encoder.

There are two versions of this model:
  • Standard Version SSD120-30N-RS232
  • Version SSD120-30N-RS232-MOD1 for NARCO AT-5A, 6A, 50, 50A Transponders. The Narco AT-5A, AT-6A, AT-50* or AT-50A transponder will not accept data from the SSD120-(XX)N-RS232 Altitude Digitizer. A recent modification to remove the output decoupling capacitors is required and this version includes that modification.
Original price $480.60 - Original price $480.60
Original price
$480.60 - $480.60
Current price $480.60
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