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Trisoft Wingtip/Proptip Covers

  • Avoid Accidents
  • Protect Employees and Aircraft
  • Reduce Insurance Claims
  • Remain In Compliance
Trisoft Aircraft Covers Can Be Used As a Safety and Warning Device on Prop Tips The prop tips of an aircraft have proven to be a very dangerous area for aircraft personnel.

Just place the aircraft covers on the prop tips to warn and protect personnel working or walking around an aircraft. Trisoft is a simple foam triangular cover that slips onto the corners of the prop tips, gear doors, wing flaps (in the lowered position), wing tips, and dorsal antennas, protecting aircraft personnel and aircraft during maintenance, pre-flight checks, cleaning, etc.

Trisoft can be used on personal aircraft, corporate aircraft, commercial aircraft, military aircraft and helicopters.

Dimensions: 1X5.25X40.5

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