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United ALT 35K DL SCL 3

Designed to help the pilot determine altitude by measuring existing atmospheric pressure, this altimeter translates the measurement into height above sea level. This is indicated on the dial of the instrument in feet, which requires setting the barometric pressure in the Kollsman window.

For use with most single engine, turbo/piston prop aircraft.
  • Affordable, certified 3-1/8" case for half the cost of existing systems
  • United series 5934
  • All units approved to FAA TSO (C10b,C2b and C4c)
  • Anti-reflective glass enhances visibility and reduces pilot fatigue
  • Altimeter available with right-hand or left hand knob 20,000 or 35,000 ft. Hg or Mb
  • All instruments are made in the USA
  • One year limited warranty
*NOTE* - All lit instruments require a light tray. Light tray sold separately. See accessories.

Dimensions: 8X8X8

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