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VHF-5I Nav/Com Antenna

Here is a new series of aircraft antennas specifically designed to be used without a ground plane. This means that composite aircraft and fabric covered aircraft can now have their antennas mounted totally within the structure. These antennas are designed using the latest engineering technology. Laboratory measurements show them to have better electrical characteristics than currently available products. The unanimous reports from pilots who have been using them confirm that they out perform everything now available on the market. One antenna model works for communication, navigation, and for ELT (Three antennas in the aircraft, but all the same design), and this design is tolerant to installation errors. They will work in metal airframes when a plastic or fiberglass wing tip or similar plastic component is available to provide the mounting structure.

Model Differences: The VHF antennas, 5T and 5I, differ only in the location of the BNC connection. The 5T is configured to allow the coax cable to be routed flat along the mounting surface of the airframe. This antenna model would be appropriate for a composite aircraft where the antenna would be mounted in the fuselage or fin and the coax would be close to the skin and be attached periodically for strain relief. In either case, the antenna can be used as a retrofit on in service aircraft or in new installations. The 5I series has the BNC connection positioned so that the coax cable would route out and away from the antenna mounting surface. This configuration is offered for antenna installations such as wing tips of fabric aircraft. If the antenna is mounted on the inside of the tip, the coax route is directly inward toward the wing root and the BNC connection is located near the spar to provide support for the cable. Both antennas are identical in their electrical performance.

Dimensions: 2.25X10.75X10.75

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