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Voice Alert 2040-1-1 Custom Settings

  • Can't hear your gear or stall horn with your headset on?
  • Voice Alert provides instantly recognizable voice warnings directly in your headset whenever your stall or gear horn sounds.
  • Two different messages for stall or gear warnings.
  • Designed and approved for both fixed and retractable gear aircraft.

Most aircraft flying today were designed years ago, in a time when pilots did not wear headsets. The stall and gear warning horns were placed in the cockpit where they would sound for everyone in the airplane to hear. Times have changed. Today most pilots wear headsets which block out much of the sound from the cabin, making it more difficult to hear the warning horns mounted in the aircraft. Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets are designed specifically to block out the background cabin sounds including the warning horns which must be heard.

Voice Alert is the answer. Whenever the existing stall horn sounds, the pilot will hear the instantly recognizable voice message "STALL, STALL" from the built in speaker, and directly in his headset. If the gear warning horn sounds, the pilot will hear the voice message "CHECK LANDING GEAR, CHECK LANDING GEAR" alerting of the problem. No more confusion over which horn is sounding. These voice messages are in addition to the original horn sounds.. The Voice Alert consists of a small electronic unit about 2-1/2" by 3-1/2" in size that can be mounted almost anywhere in the cockpit. The installed weight of the unit is less than 1 lb. The unit is supplied as a complete kit consisting of the electronic unit, a pre-wired cable assembly, and all the connecters and mounting hardware. The only other item required is a 1 amp fuse or circuit breaker. Installation is easy, and can be performed by an A&P mechanic or an avionics shop. The system is approved for both fixed and retractable gear aircraft.
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