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Warp Drive 2-BLD High HP W/Hp

Warp Drives Advanced Composite Carbon Fiber propeller has a structural strength near that of metal propellers. Because of the stiffness achieved by using carbon fibers, the prop will do very little coning (bending forward) under power. Proper fiber placement allows the prop to flex torsionally for maximum cruise efficiency. The strongly fixed position of the blades along with optimum torsional performance translates into more thrust than conventional propellers.

The interior structure of this propeller is all carbon fiber - no fiberglass, no foam, no filler - an all carbon fiber matrix combined with top quality hybrid epoxies. Carbon fiber is one of the strongest building materials available. When properly engineered, carbon fiber can achieve the strength and stiffness of a metal part, as demonstrated by its wide range of industrial and aerospace uses.

Warp Drive Propeller Blade Types
All propellers and blade types are available with Stainless Steel Leading Edge protection as an option at additional cost.
  • Standard Advanced Composite Carbon Fiber Blades: The Carbon Fiber Standard Blades can be used on Rotax, Arrow, VW and similar engines.
  • High Horse Power Advanced Composite Carbon Fiber Blades: The Carbon Fiber HP Blades will be required for use on Lycoming, Continental and some auto conversion engines.
Warp Drive Hubs
  • Standard Hub: This is an assembly of anodized aluminum plates and composite clamping blocks. It accommodates standard and custom hub bolt patterns of up to 3 1/8".
  • HP Hub: This hub consists of two halves machined from solid aluminum. It is the same weight as the standard hub assembly and can accommodate Rotax, Arrow, VW, SAE I Continental, SAE II Lycoming and custom bolt patterns.
  • HPL Hub: This hub consists of two halves machined from solid aluminum. It is the same weight as the standard hub assembly. Mounts with Original Engine Lugs that came with your engine. All versions of the Rotax 912 four stroke engines (912 UL, 912 UL-S, 912 S, 914) requiring the use of the 13mm drive lugs that are pressed into the engine flange on the 101.66 mm bolt pattern. The back side of the hub is counterbored to fit over these drive lugs with either a 5-16" or a 8mm mounting bolt going through.
Ordering Propeller Requirements
  • Name, Address, Phone Number(s)
  • Vehicle - type, make, model, cruise speed, tractor/pusher,
  • Engine - make, horse power,
  • Reduction Drive - type, ratio. If there is no reduction drive, (State Prop RPM)
  • Hub Requirements - A) Bolt dia, B) Number of bolts, C) Bolt dims, D) Center hole dims, E) Drive lug dimensions (if applicable),
  • Propeller Description-rotation, diameter, structural limitation of diameter manufacturers suggested prop description, no. of blades, tractor or pusher.
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