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Windcone Cotton Duck Windsock 8 X 42

Windcones come in 3 different materials, Vinyl, Nylon or Cotton Duck. The standard color for all windcones is International Orange.

Windcone Material:

Vinyl - This material is heavy duty and works well in coastal environments. We use vinyl coated polyester that does not delaminate as laminated vinyls can. This material is oxidation resistant. Windcones 12" and smaller are made of 7 oz. vinyl. All other windcones are made of 9 oz. vinyl.

Nylon - This is a light weight (6 oz.), easily inflatable material that is UV coated.

Cotton Duck - A heavy duty (9 oz.) cotton army duck which is water repellent and mildew resistant

Dimensions: 1X2X12

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