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XV-64 W/75 Watt Ballast 12-24V

XeVision is offering the second generation, two channel pulse timing control, integrated in a full solid-state standalone module - the XePulse II - that allows not only to control remote pulsing of single power mode (SPM) XeStrike ballasts but is also able to drive DPM (dual power mode) enabled XeStrike ballasts.

The new XePulse II module is not a direct replacement for the original XePulse module, but rather exceeds its capabilities and features, and is completely redesigned with a much smaller footprint. The XePulse II is specifically designed for use with their XeStrike ballasts with 3-pin power input, one pin being the controller/trigger input.

The XePulse II does it all: Alternate or simultaneous pulsing, alternate or simultaneous dimming. Both modes can be combined.

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